Little Explorers' Path to
Online Prominence

In the heart of Merrylands, Australia, Little Explorers stands as a beacon of early childhood education. WebGlobals is proud to share the tale of a collaborative venture in social media marketing. Little Explorers, dedicated to nurturing young minds, joined forces with WebGlobals to weave a captivating digital narrative. This collaboration encompasses a dynamic fusion of strategic social media marketing, engaging content creation, and visually stunning graphic design. Together, we aim to unfold the essence of Little Explorers and foster a vibrant online presence that mirrors the playful and educational spirit of this cherished playschool.

The Little Explorers’ Journey

Little Explorers’ Vision for Collaboration

  • Graphic Designing

    Amplify Little Explorers' presence on social media platforms, ensuring that the playschool is easily discoverable by parents and caregivers.
  • Content Writing

    Develop and curate engaging and informative content that not only showcases the unique educational approach of Little Explorers but also provides valuable insights for parents.
  • Social Media Management

    Implement strategies to convert online engagement into tangible interest, driving inquiries and enrolments for Little Explorers.

Strategies Implemented to fulfil
Little Explorers’ Vision

Strategies Implemented to fulfil Little Explorers’ Vision


Developed engaging monthly or seasonal social media content with graphics that combine creative themes with educational content.


Created visually appealing enrolment graphics and utilized persuasive copy to drive enrolments, with the overall content strategy.

Measuring Our Impact